October 17, 2012

Days of Jacaranda

In spring, Brisbane bursts into purple. Jacaranda mimosifolia has been widely planted in parks and streets, and many of the trees are mature, reaching up to18 metres and arcing beautifully against the blue.

The tree is a native of Brazil but thrives here. It's deciduous, losing its leaves in the dry season and then producing new ones after the flowers and during the wet. Apparently, you shouldn't prune a Jacaranda. If you do, it sends up vertical shoots and the tree loses its elegant umbrella shape.

There's a dash of purple around every corner, popping up between buildings, dotted along the river and offsetting other wonderful spring colours. And New Farm Park is just full of Jacaranda.

This post was last edited on 11 November 2012


  1. I'm still here and still loving this blog. Your depth of research is great. I don't often comment but let me tell you that I admire you as a human being and am thankful for your blog. Go girl!

  2. Jan, thank you for your wonderful encouragement. It means a lot.
    On hols in Victoria at the moment with family so there might be a bit of a hiatus, but I'll be back!

  3. I too am admiring the beautiful Jacaranda trees in Sydney. Such a beautiful time of the year!

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