November 4, 2013

Reprieve for Swan Lake

I have some good news. Good news for the environment. That's quite rare. I hope you'll be as pleased and as excited as I am.

The Queensland government has 'saved' Swan Lake in the Port of Brisbane from being drained and converted into a car park for imported vehicles. Apparently, Premier Campbell Newman has listened to the local community and realised that Swan Lake is of value. And Environment Minister Andrew Powell has begun to appreciate the enhancement of biodiversity afforded by this slip of water in the midst of huge commercial activity. Where pelicans circle and land much more impressively than the large passenger jets a whisker away across the Brisbane River mouth.

So, this in an environmental good deed, isn't it?  The Newman government has seen fit to stop rampant unnecessary development and protect a vital natural asset.

Forgive me, but I cannot help but look for the ulterior motive. When have we seen an LNP government step in to protect an endangered species, or a precious ecosystem, or green belt from development? But how useful it would be to be able to refer to this small gesture as an example of one's environmental credentials when criticised for approving a clutch of mega mines, or multiple rail lines across the flood plains of the Galilee Basin, or further dredging of ports uncomfortably close to the Great Barrier Reef.

I'm just an old cynic, right? Watch this space.

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