June 18, 2015

Watch on weather: fog

It's hard to watch anything in Brisbane this morning, in thick fog. Humidity is at 98 per cent and everything is dripping, totally soaked, following days of showers or heavy dull grey. Towels have been damp for days. (We don't have a tumble drier because for most of the year warm sunshine and breezes are perfectly adequate.)

There is no city; there are no hills. Lorikeets sit relatively silent and not quite so Rainbow: they fly at far too high a speed to do so without fog lights.
No distant hills
Grounded Lorikeets
The rain and grey had become oppressive by yesterday, and was affecting mood. Out west, they were also getting rain: ABC news showed a downpour at Alpha, almost halfway between Emerald and Longreach. This was good news for farmers but not enough to break the drought. At sundown in the South East there was a fleeting hint of the sunshine forecast for today.
The fog took time to clear: first some hazy blue patches; then a few building details and high-rise tops appearing and fading; before, finally, the city skyline was visible below remnant fog patches.
The sun has shone ever since, and tonight's sunset is virtually cloudless with a splendid crescent Moon. Has normal winter service been restored?
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