May 21, 2015

Watch on weather: season of mists

The city's over there somewhere
So much discussion about the weather; so little action on climate change. To ease my frustration, I have decided to monitor unusual conditions, either reported anecdotally or in my experience, which I acknowledge is limited.

Last summer went on and on and on; heat and humidity, seemingly endless. March was slightly cooler briefly, but April-into-May was over-warm. Even now, after the duvet came out a couple of weeks ago when night-time temps dropped to single figures, it's been put away again. It reached 27 degrees yesterday, and last night went no lower than 17. In a few days' time it will officially be winter*. It is unquestionably too warm. And too humid. Ninety-two per cent this misty morning; and temps 2 degrees above average at 20 by 9 am (felt like 23 degrees, BOM said).

Three weeks ago we had a severe rain storm in South East Queensland that was claimed to be a one-in-two-thousand-year event in Caboolture, where there was 277mm in three hours. Ten days ago, an intense low-pressure system sweeping across from Tasmania brought blizzards to the hills north of Melbourne.

Is your weather weird for the time of year? Leave details in the comment section below.

This happened a couple of days ago, when the showers were distinctly Aprilly; northern hemisphere Aprilly, that is.

* Australia follows the US on this: new seasons begin on the 1st of the relevant month, rather than on the Equinox or Solstice

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